ICAT Programme Fellowships 2022 – pre-application call

ICAT has applied to the Health Research Board (HRB) for core funding for ICAT-2. The application call for ICAT-2 fellows starting in 2022 is conditional on a successful outcome in the ongoing HRB review process and subsequent receipt of a letter of offer from the HRB.

Irish Clinical Academic Training (ICAT-2), an Integrated Pathway for Clinical Academic Training in Human Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Dentistry

The ICAT-2 Programme is an all-Ireland partnership comprising six universities (NUIG, QUB, TCD, UCD, UCC, RCSI), the clinical training authorities North and South, the HRB, HSE-NDTP, HSC R&D, NIMDTA, CAI and DAFM. ICAT is founded on the principles of providing integrated, fellow-centric clinical academic training to excellent postgraduate clinical trainees across all disciplines of human medicine, veterinary medicine and dentistry through a programme which integrates PhD research training of the highest quality with higher specialist training.

It is ICAT-2’s ambition to train 42 fellows through five intakes and to commit to supporting each fellow throughout their entire career pathway. Through combined partnership, ICAT offers infrastructure, experience, expertise with matched financial support to provide the broadest possible range of research and training opportunities.The overarching shared vision for ICAT-2 is to train world-class clinical academic leaders, across the island of Ireland to: 
develop a diverse, vibrant, globally competitive clinical academic workforce in Ireland.meet the need for academic leadership by health professionals.prioritise the role for clinician scientists in understanding disease through research and innovation.create flexible career structures for clinical academic researchers.increase the output of high-impact, high-quality, strategically relevant research aligned with structured academic career pathways.

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